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About Ringo Connect

What is Ringo Connect?
Ringo Connect is a 501(c)3 certified nonprofit organization that aims to provide services for the development of language and multicultural skills, with goals of promoting both Japanese-American multiculturalism as well as Japanese-American bilingualism.
What is Ringo Connect's mission?
We aim to strengthen the rich tapestry of Japanese-American culture while empowering individuals to thrive in a multicultural world.
What does Ringo Connect do?
We currently provide two different programs to help others strive in a multicultural world: Language Help, and Cultural Exchange Program. Please refer to our events page for more details.

About Our Event

Is Ringo Connect Language Help a free service?
Of course! Ringo Connect strives to make language sessions the most free and accessible online language learning service around, serving as a bridge for bilingualism and multiculturalism.
Where are Language Help sessions held?
They are held online through Zoom or Google Meets. Once participants sign up, they will be provided with a link by our bilingual volunteer team in less than 3 days.
How does scheduling work?
Once you fill out our form located in the Language Help tab, we will match you to a Japanese-English volunteer via email
What should I do if I need to cancel a Language Help session?
We're very flexible, so please just email or contact your volunteer to reschedule or cancel your session
What is the difference between the Culture Exchange Program and Culture Exchange Podcast?
Culture Exchange Program consists of two products - one of which is the Culture Exchange Podcast. In the Culture Exchange Program, we would host multiple media platforms that discuss and explore the unique cultures of Japan and the U.S., including the Podcast.
How can I become a guest for the Ringo Connect Cultural Exchange
We are always looking for ways to incorporate people into our podcast. Please contact us through!

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